BlackBerry Storm is Doing Fine Against Apple iPhone

Despite early problems, BlackBerry touch-screen is selling well enough


Some people are dismissing the BlackBerry Storm way too early. Reports say Verizon sold only 500,000 of the touch-screen phones in its first month. "While 500,000 is a solid showing for one month, it pales in comparison to the Apple iPhone 3G's 2.4 million units sold in its first quarter," says ChannelWeb.

The Storm has had its problems. But many can be fixed over time with software updates.

Either way, the Storm doesn't have to outsell the iPhone to be a success. BlackBerry maker RIM just needs a decent touch-screen answer to the iPhone to stem any bleeding to the Apple wunderkind. The BlackBerry has plenty of other muscle in its multiple models, including the many that cater to people who like a hardware keyboard. Which the iPhone doesn't have.