Charter to Launch Nation's Fastest Broadband Service

60 Mbps consumer service would apparently top Verizon, Comcast


Broadband bragging rights could go to Charter Communications, which is ready to launch a 60 Mbps service. It would apparently be the fastest available to U.S. consumers. No details yet on price or when, or where, the service will appear from the cableco.

60 Mbps would top telco Verizon, which sells 50 Mbps service through its FiOS fiber-optic service. Comcast last year started rolling out 50 Mbps service in some of its cable markets at a monthly cost of $150.

Charter would presumably use the same Docsis 3.0 technology that Comcast uses to pump the high speeds across its coaxial cable. The new rate would more than triple that of Charter's current top offering, its 16 Mbps High-Speed Max.

The one-upping would be a rare bright spot for struggling Charter. The St. Louis company said earlier this month that two subsidiaries had missed interest payments and were negotiating new terms on outstanding debt.