Ten Reasons to Love the Palm Pre

That Palm's new handset isn't out yet only increases the longing

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Palm Pre with keyboard closed

1) Warm and fuzzy feelings for Palm, which made our first handheld computer

2) Palm's ability to apply elegance and maintain ease-of-use

3) Beautiful touch screen and comfy hardware keyboard

4) Sophisticated software that can do more than one thing at a time

5) Competition that has Apple worried enough to be hinting at lawsuits

6) So many connections that will just work: 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cordless charging

7) Yet more connections, that will seamlessly move our lives from the Web into Palm's new webOS

8) Progressive, green packaging that will make a difference in our carbon footprint

9) A price that will undercut the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm

10) Most important: It isn't out yet, so it's an empty vessel that we can fill with all the above. And other hopes and dreams, including that it will bring together all the world's children to join hands and sing songs of peace and love