Fuji Camera Trades Megapixels for Cleaner Photos

New tech automatically cuts resolution and noise in low-light conditions

Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR

Fujifilm has found an innovative way to back off the insane race for more megapixels. The film company and now camera maker is launching an intriguing new model that, when appropriate, trades pixels for cleaner pictures.

Fuji's EXR technology automatically adjusts a camera's resolution to light conditions. That is, it cuts resolution for low-light conditions, which should reduce the extraneous "noise" that can infect darker images.

The first camera to get the feature is Fuji's FinePix F200EXR, which should hit the market later this month at $400. The camera can capture 12 megapixels in bright light. Or, when the camera senses a darker scene, it combines diodes -- the electronic components that capture light -- to make them larger. That cuts the effective resolution to 6 megapixels.

Let's Go Digital has a more thorough and technical preview.

Camera makers are finding it tough to sell new models, partly because of the recession. And mostly because we all have cameras we're pretty happy with. Fuji's is an innovative use of all those megapixels that we hear so much about.