Blu-ray Prices Falling as Studios Get Wise

Falling DVD sales, piracy forcing studios to push harder on new format

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Studios appear committed to lower prices on Blu-ray disks, according to an analysis of the market by Josh Dreuth at

Since late last year, studios have been reevaluating their Blu-ray strategy in order to speed up consumer adoption of the format. Sure, Blu-ray sales have continued to rise since the beginning of the year, but studios want the high definition format to replace DVD, not commingle with it. DVDs no longer provide studios with the buckets of money they used to, and rampant piracy in Asia and South America are robbing them of bottom line cushion.

I disagree with his view that Blu-ray players have also come down enough in price. Appealing prices can be found, but they're not on cutting-edge players with all the features. Still, it's good to see studios figuring out that high prices threaten to kill Blu-ray in the face of growing competition.