Samsung Memoir Cameraphone Carries Steep Price

Cellphone with 8-megapixel camera goes on sale Feb. 25

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T-Mobile put a $250 price on its upcoming Samsung Memoir, the cellphone with an 8-megapixel camera. The handset will start selling Feb. 25.

The price seems steep for a non-smartphone (and is after a $50 rebate and with a 2-year contract). But at least the camera is making a good impression. Sachsa Segan got a first-hand look at the Mobile World Congress, the year's largest cellphone conference, and posted his comments at Gearlog:

I took a bunch of photos with the Memoir and compared them to shots taken with the Canon PowerShot SD870IS, an 8-megapixel dedicated still camera with excellent image quality. With outdoor shots, you have to zoom in to the pixel level to see any real difference between the two cameras, which is truly impressive. At that level, you see that the Memoir's shots are ever so slightly brighter and less defined than the Canon's - but it's a tough call for an unpracticed eye.


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