Apple Mac Quality Doesn't Sell in Hard Times

Love for the Mac doesn't translate into sales during a recession

Love isn't enough to sustain Mac desktops

Reports show that Apple's Mac sales are suffering more than competitors as consumers pinch their pennies, even as consumers love their Macs more than competitors.

NPD Group says Apple sales have fallen more than 30 percent over the past four months, according to ChannelWeb. The issues have nothing to do with quality, says NPD analyst Stephen Baker:

"Right now buyers are not looking for price and value," he said. "Something may not be the best product out there, but if it has a low price point they will be willing to spend."

That conclusion is reinforced by a report from ChangeWave Research that shows Apple customers much happier than others:

In terms of customer satisfaction, there’s no question which company is the industry leader.

Among respondents who bought an Apple Mac over the past 90 days, 81% say they are Very Satisfied. This compares to a 55% Very Satisfied rating for Dell and 52% for H-P.

It's sad to think that value is a luxury that we can't afford in a recession. Or maybe out-of-work buyers simply have more time to wrestle with Windows.