Netflix Stream-Only Subs Could Foretell Fees for Everyone

Movie service planning stand-alone streaming plans. Are charges far behind for all of us?


Netflix is likely to offer streaming subscriptions soon that would be separate from its disk-based subs. The new plan would have to be ultra cheap to compete with Netflix's other offerings, says Brennon Slattery at PCWorld: a stand-alone streaming option worth it? Only if it's cheap. For $15 a month, you can get two movies simultaneously with unlimited reloads and the streaming service. If Netflix offers streaming alone for $5 a month, I think it'd be worth the dough. Otherwise users might as well stick with the slightly more expensive plans that have everything included.

I worry it's the first step toward Netflix charging all of us for the streaming service. Analysts have complained the company is investing too much in the streaming service without generating new revenue.

Netflix has treated streaming as an added value to attract and retain subscribers. But at our house, we like and use the streaming service so much that we cut our sub from three to two disks at-a-time, shaving our monthly fee by $3.

Netflix has locked in our loyalty. But it's also cost them a few bucks.