Digital TV Coupons Flowing Again -- Maybe We Can Help

Money alone won't be enough to get stragglers their digital TV


The digital TV coupons are flowing again, the government says. The chief overseers say there should be plenty for everyone who wants or needs one. Also, coupons that expired can be replaced, though the government isn't taking those applications yet.

The government will embark on a "search and rescue" effort to get stragglers ready for the switch to digital TV. That transition is already happening with more than a third of stations having made the change. Many others will make the switch before June 12, the new deadline for turning off analog signals.

During the debate over the delay, I was struck by how little sympathy readers of this column have for the dawdlers:

Nothing would motivate the public to get all their ducks in a row more than going a few days without broadcast television.

Added another:

It's TV for crying out loud. If the poor and the elderly's refrigerators were going to stop working it would be a problem. But TV? Go check a book out of the library.

Maybe I wasn't real sympathetic either, and I didn't like the delay. But it's here. Now that the coupons are available again and the full transition is stalled, maybe more of us can suck it up and help with the search and rescue.