Audio: Windows 7 Looks Like a Winner for Microsoft

Upcoming operating system is not only worth the hassle, it can even pay for itself

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Microsoft has suffered from bad PR, some fair and some unfair, surrounding its last major upgrade to the Windows operating system. Windows Vista was incompatible with some old hardware and software, wouldn't fully run on some hardware touted as "Vista ready," and otherwise left users disappointed and frustrated.

From early testing, many of those problems appear fixed for the next version, Windows 7. I spoke this weekend with WTOP about the promise of Windows 7 from my own experience and the generally upbeat reviews of others. 

Windows 7 Looks Like a Winner


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Upgrading an operating system always presents hurdles and unpleasant surprises. Anyone comfortably running Vista, or perhaps even Windows XP, might find nothing compelling about the new system. But perhaps it won't frustrate those who get it pre-installed on a new computer, where it will begin appearing as soon as this fall.

For those who choose to upgrade, this version of Windows 7 may prove value enough to be worth the cost and hassle.