Google's Android Will Take Off Soon, Say Company Execs

Google CEO promises significant announcements this year

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A keyboard slides out from the otherwise stout G1.
A keyboard slides out from the otherwise stout G1.

After what's been a slow start, Google's software for cellphones should be taking off soon, say company execs. Android should have a "very, very strong year," CEO Eric Schmidt told analysts yesterday. He added:

There are announcements happening between now and the end of the year that are quite significant from operators and new hardware partners in the Android space, which I won’t preannounce except to say that they really do fulfill much of the vision that we laid out more than a year ago.

That vision is getting stale. After appearing to good reviews on one phone last year, the software has hardly been seen. Little was said at a big electronics show in January, and only a little more at a wireless show a month later.