Apple iPhone Apps Have Huge Lead Over BlackBerry, Android

Three-of-four smartphone developers are working on iPhone apps, firm says

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Apple iPhone 3G

BlackBerry and Google's Android face a tough fight to catch up with the iPhone App Store. Apple has grabbed nearly three-out-of-four developers writing software for smartphones, says a piece at ReadWriteWeb citing data from mobile analytics firm Flurry.

ReadWriteWeb cautions that Flurry's data is based on developers that use its tracking software. Few BlackBerry developers so far do, but that itself is a red flag, a Flurry analyst suggests. Adds Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb:

Perhaps what's most surprising about Flurry's report isn't simply how prevalent and popular the iPhone and iPhone applications are today, but how far ahead they are of the nearest competitors. From an application perspective, the iPhone is killing on all fronts: number of developers, number of applications, and number of consumers using these applications.

Analysts largely agree that software will determine winners in the smartphone wars. I've already written about how big a jump Apple has, with more than 31,000 apps available at the time BlackBerry's store opened with about 400.

Maybe BlackBerry and Google can steal some momentum from the iPhone. It's going to be a slog.