Rock Band and LEGO Partner for Huge, Weird Videogame

Rockers will get wholesome humor and wholesome families will rock


Two big videograme franchises are joining to bring us LEGO Rock Band. Yep, hardcore rockers will get a taste of the wholesome family humor of LEGO's games -- or is that wholesome families will find a safe medium to cut loose their young rockers?

In other words, this new title spells mass market. It's a weird pairing, no doubt, but I think it can hit a huge middle. That's assuming the partners get it right for the game, which is due by the holidays for major game consoles.

Here's how the companies describe this version of Rock Band:

Players will become rockers as they embark on a journey to stardom that the whole family can enjoy as they work their way through local venues, stadiums and fantasy locations on Earth and beyond that mimic the imaginative settings that the LEGO world offers. Also continuing the LEGO “build-and-play” gaming experience, players will be able to create their own LEGO Rock Band style as they customize their minifigure avatars, band and entourage, including roadies, managers and crew. LEGO Rock Band supports Rock Band instruments, as well as other music game controllers.

My high hopes aren't widely shared. Here's Eric Bangeman at ARS Technica:

I'm not one to bring up sharks and the jumping thereof, but what the living f***. How will this work on the DS? Will the songs coming to this game be made available for Rock Band? What does adding LEGO characters to Rock Band bring to the experience? Liking burning down your underwater home, this raises many more questions than it answers.

It will have "The Final Countdown" by Europe and "Boys and Girls" by Good Charlotte so... yeah. I'm a little gobsmacked.

But the Rock Band creators at Harmonix Music have proven adept. And as the father of two young boys, I've seen firsthand how the LEGO folks repeatedly hit home runs with their bricks, and videogames.