Video: The Real Recession Rolls On

The official recession is over. Here's how to tell when it will actually feel like better times


I recently appeared on ABC News to discuss a strange dichotomy: The recession officially ended more than a year ago, yet the economy still stinks. Here's the clip:*xJmx*PTEyODUyNjY3NTQ5MTEmcHQ9MTI4NTI2Njc1ODc3MCZwPTEyNTg*MTEmZD1BQkNOZXdzX1NGUF9Mb2NrZV9FbWJlZCZn/PTImbz**OTQ2OTgxMzZmYjI*OGE2YmFlMzhlNTAwZjExZGQ4NCZvZj*w.gif