Rick Newman

October 2010

How Republicans, Too, Can Botch the Economy

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If Republicans sweep the midterm elections and take over Congress, as many expect, they'll have a chance to correct some of the mistakes the Obama administration made two years earlier.

Or repeat them.

[See how the middle class is shrinking.]

Politicians repeatedly misunderstand why voters send them ...

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Democratic Party
Republican Party
2010 Congressional elections
Obama administration
Obama, Barack

Why the Social Security Freeze Is Fair

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It sounds like an act of bureaucratic cruelty: Denying a modest cost-of-living increase to 58 million humble pensioners. Yet the freeze on Social Security payments for 2011 represents the responsible use of government money, and it highlights the paradoxical gap between people's perception of their ...

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deficit and national debt
federal budget
Social Security Administration
Social Security numbers
social security

How to Fall Out of the Middle Class

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There's a vast library of formal research and folksy advice on how to get ahead. Now there's an unfortunate new corollary to that field of study: how to fall behind.

Nobody wants to, of course, but a brutal recession and hollow recovery have hammered away at Americans' living standards and pushed ...

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