Wear Business Casual, Stop Climate Change

Make casual Friday every day, and you could save on energy costs.

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To slash energy costs, the United Nations building will be setting its thermostat at a maximum of 77 degrees, which will save the organization an estimated $100,000. Reuters reports that the employees in the New York headquarters will be encouraged to switch from wool suits to business casual in order to be more comfortable.

Perhaps other businesses will take note. In warmer climes, many companies air-condition their offices to excess, leaving some workers chilly. Freezing offices and scorching outside temperatures also mean that office employees need to dress in layers, all of which are peeled off immediately upon exiting the building. Business casual in warmer offices isn't just good for the environment—both warmer room temperatures and casual clothing have been found to increase productivity. At the same time, some might argue the importance of proper office decorum in dress, especially in an organization as important as the United Nations.

So, is business casual the way to go? Or does the idea of a warmer office make you sweat?

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