San Francisco Man Equates Cyclists to Islamic Fanatics

The bike-to-work backlash begins.

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Some people really hate bikers. They're rare, but I encounter them on my commute every few days and always regret not taking down the company names and numbers of the cab drivers who lean out the window to hurl insults at me simply for pulling up beside them. That's nothing compared with the San Francisco man who has singlehandedly derailed plans to put in more bike lanes by suing the city. Rob Anderson, sick of bikers' holier-than-thou attitudes, claims (1) that bike lanes will increase congestion by causing more traffic for car drivers and (2) that we shouldn't try to alter America's carcentric ways. Meanwhile, bikers are protesting for their safety. In a summer in which the amount of riders have increased exponentially, bikers across the country are getting injured or killed in horrible collisions with drivers who aren't used to their presence on the road.

Nothing beats this quote, though, from Anderson's blog: "Regardless of the obvious dangers, some people will ride bikes in San Francisco for the same reason Islamic fanatics will engage in suicide bombings—because they are politically motivated to do so."

Um, bicyclists are the new terrorists? We want our space on the road, of course, but not at the expense of life-threatening road rage (A heads up: The photo may be a little upsetting).