Recession Shopping Can Make Us Unintentionally Greener

What environmentally unfriendly products are you doing without?

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The recession could be making us greener, a Unilever study reveals. In tough times, consumers prioritize their spending, and the first five items that they stop buying are air fresheners, cookies, beer and wine, frozen dinners, and soda. Recessionproof items that we'll never stop buying include pet food, toilet paper, deodorant, pain reliever, hair care products, fresh meat, and canned vegetables. According to Treehugger, this is great news for the environment—no more chemical-filled air fresheners, or artificial ingredient-laden cookies, soda, and microwave dinners. Presumably, we'll opt for cheaper, more healthful fare, or at least more home-cooked meals.

How closely does the list match your own, and do you think you're greener as a result? I'll go first: Lately, I haven't bought cookies or sweets, and have switched to meatless lunches and dinners a few days a week, which is more healthful, greener, and saves cash. The recession will never take away my shampoo or makeup, though, neither of which are particularly organic.

Your turn: What will the recession never pry from your cold, green fingers, eco-friendly or not?


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