An Open Letter to Carbon ONset-Pledging Glenn Beck Fans

If you're going to waste energy to spite the Democrats, be prepared to pay the price.

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Dear Glenn Beck Fans,

OK, so global warming is not your thing. Whatever. But participating in Beck's Carbon ONset program, where you agree to consume more energy, water, and gas in order to negate what the Democrats have offset this week, is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Forget the Democratic National Convention for a minute. Think instead of your bank account and the recession, as you dutifully take longer showers, run empty dishwashers and dryers, and drive around to waste nearly-$4-a-gallon gas. Think of the extra amount you'll be paying in utilities and gas just so you can stick out your tongue at the Democrats. When Beck tells you to waste water and energy "for the children," think about how half of all clean water produced in the world goes to waste. Besides, it's not as if the Democrats need your help for some rain on their green parade—some of their eco-friendly plans have gone awry even without Beck's urging. So really, you're still planning to run an empty dishwasher, buy extra gas, and increase your air conditioning bill, all for a CNN talking head and the Democrats? Well, I hope you're willing to pay the price.