The Recycling Bin: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Edition

News from the blogosphere about green transportation.

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  • Even though a solar plane broke a world record this week with 82 continuous hours of unmanned flight, engineers are not sure the plane could ever be commercially viable.
    • Railroad advocates are very pleased with Obama's choice of Biden.
      • Streetcars are coming back to many cities.
        • Japan will soon be installing the Eco Ride, a commuter train that uses technology similar to roller coasters.
          • All new cars will be hybrids by 2020.
            • The new Honda hybrid will cost less than the Prius.
              • Cars completed a hydrogen-powered cross-country journey—except they had a little help from traditional diesel-powered vehicles.
                • Tropical Storm Gustav may crash our less-than-$4-a-gallon fuel party.
                  • The trash raft, crossing the Pacific to raise awareness of ocean debris, has made it to Honolulu today after three months at sea.
                    • A couple is biking around the world to raise awareness of green issues.

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