I'm Not a Plastic Bag (but I'm Not Remembering My Reusable One, Either)

What good are reusable bags if we forget to bring them to the store?

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I've written before about the benefits of reusable shopping bags, but the Wall Street Journal brings up an interesting point today: How many of us have reusable bags that just sit at home? Sometimes, it's hard to break old habits. Other times, a run to the grocery store isn't premeditated, and you find yourself being forced to make do with plastic. Until cities ban plastic bags outright or stores cut down on the number of disposable bags they produce (as Wal-Mart recently announced it would), using a plastic bag is consequence free. And if we're still producing mass quantities of plastic bags in addition to reusable bags—well, that's not doing any good at all.

How often do you use a reusable bag?

Every time I shop for anything--groceries, clothing, pharmacy, whatever.
Most of the time I keep one in my car, but sometimes I forget.
Oh, that reusable bag? I used it when I bought it. Now it's gathering dust.
Why bring a reusable bag when the store gives me a plastic one for free?
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