Make Any Job a Green Job—and Ace Your Interview

You don't have to be an architect or scientist to make green knowledge valuable at your job.


Green jobs—a prevalent buzzword on this year's campaign trail—are a growing sector of careers, ranging from forest ranger to corporate social responsibility consultant. Check out our guide to finding a great green job here. But you don't have to be an architect, engineer, or scientist to use your green knowledge in a job interview. According to Megan Cohen of Planet Green, your environmental smarts can impress potential employers in any sector.

Many companies are going green, and they're certainly competitive about it. They're also looking for candidates who can save them money—a feat that goes hand in hand with being green. Cohen recommends that you discuss the ways you're green and how they relate to your leadership skills. "Your future boss wants to know that you can be proactive and take initiative," she says. "Showcasing how you've stepped up to the plate in greening your lifestyle is a great way to highlight those qualities." You could also study up about green developments in your field and discuss them with a future employer. It will show them you're forward-thinking.

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