Autumn Chill Brings Food Mile Faux Pas

To eat locally, avoid buying certain fruits and veggies until spring.

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I bought some asparagus yesterday and then regretted it. Not because I don't like asparagus—it's great sautéed in garlic and olive oil—but because being the city-dweller that I am, I hadn't realized that asparagus is a spring crop. This means that the asparagus I ate traveled hundreds of miles to get from warmer climes to my local grocery store.

I found out my food mile faux pas when I checked out the Daily Green's "Food Mile Secrets Revealed," where I learned that in colder months, someone who wants to eat locally should avoid these five worst offenders: blueberries, grapes, peaches, asparagus, and canned fruits and vegetables (which come from all over the world). Daily Green also has a slideshow of what's in season at the farmer's market—go for pomegranates, pears, brussels sprouts, carrots, squash, and eggplant—complete with recipes. Next time, I'll reach for the sweet potatoes.


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