2 in 5 Brits Go Green to Save Money, Not the Planet

Though they say they're saving the Earth, they're actually just trying to save cash.


Two in 5 Brits are telling their friends they're going green to save the planet but are actually acting greener to save money, according to a recent survey by Legal & General, a British financial services company.

Among the interesting findings:

While 27% of women said they were taking green measures solely to be environmentally friendly, which is higher than the number of men at 17%, it would appear that more women are actually guilty of misleading their friends about their motives. Over two in five, 45%, women are taking green measures in order to appear environmentally friendly when secretly they are doing it to save money, compared to just 36% of men.

I haven't yet found a similar study done with Americans, but it appears that many our friends across the pond are fooling their neighbors and friends with a greener-than-thou charade. Three of the biggest ways respondents went green included turning off the heat at home, recycling and reusing plastic bags, and cutting down on prepackaged meals. As for the deception, it doesn't really matter one way or the other for environmentalists, since the end effect is the same—less energy and resources used, more money in consumers' pockets. So, keep lying about the real reason you turned the thermostat down, ladies and gents. It's OK. Just know that we're on to you.