The Recycling Bin: Halloween Edition

Halloween goes green across the environmental blogosphere.


Some tips and tricks (and treats!) to make your Halloween greener, from across the blogosphere:

--Does your halloween candy contain genetically modified sugar? You may never know.

--Haven't bought your trick-or-treat candy yet? Here are some organic options.

--Use real pumpkins and gourds, rather than plastic ones, to decorate for your Halloween party.

--If you're still scrounging for a costume, don't head to the store. Use what you have around the house. Or, if you want to be ironic, go as one of these 8 costumes that will irritate environmentalists.

--You could send your friends one of these rather sobering energy-themed Halloween e-cards if you want, but they may not get you into the spirit of the evening.

--It's too late to sign up for reverse trick-or-treating for Global Exchange, but if you're lucky, some kids will come to your door with fair-trade chocolate for you.

--When you leave for your Halloween party, keep vampire power away by unplugging unused devices.