Carpool to the Polls to Cast Your Vote; Get Free Ice Cream

Reduce emissions by carpooling to your voting site, and then treat yourself to free Ben & Jerry’s.


No matter whom you plan to vote for tomorrow, Live Earth hopes you'll do your part to reduce emissions in the process. Since record numbers of voters are expected, the organization has partnered with Zimride's carpool Facebook application to help people organize ride-shares to their nearest voting site. Carpool to the Polls will help you find your nearest polling station (through Google Maps) and also find others who are headed your way (You can find other green Facebook applications here). If you vote late in the day, your carpool can stop at Ben & Jerry's, which is giving all voters, carpool or not, a free scoop of ice cream after 5 p.m. Ben & Jerry's is making strides in greening their operations - last month, they unveiled a freezer that doesn't release environmentally harmful hydrofluorocarbons, which is just one small part of their sustainability plan - read it here.

So, get to your polling place, preferably in a low-impact way. Vote. Then, top off your green election with a free scoop, and cross your fingers for your guy.


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