High Tech Solutions for Low Tech Green Problems

You don't need a gadget to take these green steps.

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Simple solutions are within reach for a lot of consumer-related green issues, but flashy new gadgets are just more fun. Do we really need them? Treehugger offers a run-down of how to save money with low-tech solutions that eliminate overrated technology:

  • Overrated: E-books, like the Kindle, and e-newspapers
  • Underrated: Going to the library.
    • Overrated: Home energy monitors
    • Underrated: Just unplugging stuff
      • Overrated: Hybrid or plug-in cars
      • Underrated: Riding a bike
        • Overrated: Composting machines
        • Underrated: Yard compost piles
          • Overrated: Recycling
          • Underrated: Precycling (or, taking measures to avoid creating waste)
            • Overrated: Power-saving computer equipment
            • Underrated: Your computer's existing power-saving settings
              • Overrated: LEDs and CFLs
              • Underrated: Switching off the lights
              • Read their full analysis here. Can you think of any others?