Green Gift Guide: For Her

Eco-friendly gifts for women who travel, cook, or love fashion.

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Katharine Hamnett tee

Caving to peer pressure (all the other green bloggers are doing it) and my love of online shopping, this week I'll feature ideas for green holiday shopping, for different recipients each day. The gifts will be green through and through, but not in a crunchy-granola-treehuggy way, and they won't break your budget. Today: Gifts for her.

Monday: Gifts for friends and coworkers

Wednesday: Gifts for him

Thursday: Gifts for kids

Friday: Gifts for philanthropists

Any hipster fashionista knows that Katherine Hamnett rose to fame in the 80s for her slogan tees, like "Frankie Says Relax." Hamnett cares deeply about green issues, creating "Save the World" and "Stop Killing Whales" tees, among others, in her signature font. They're printed on organic cotton and use natural inks, as well. (, £40, or about $59)

Sporty green girls need sturdy, stylish bags for their gear. Ella Vickers' purses and tote bags are made of recycled sailcloth, and no two are alike. (, $89)

Fraiche soaps are a quick pick-me-up with fresh scents and handmade touches. Each bar is made of all-natural ingredients, like goat milk, live oil and aloe vera. (Organically Happy, $12.50)

Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, is a great place to look for one-of-a-kind gifts. Jeweler Theclaspofisis makes necklaces and bracelets out of vintage, mismatched and discarded earrings and other assorted jewelry bits.

It kind of looks like a spaceship, but the Presso Espresso Maker will give you café-quality coffee without using any energy at all - the device is manual. (Presso America, $127.50)

This vase, made by Colombian artisans, was reclaimed from old windowshields. Fill it with seasonal flowers for a holiday centerpiece. (Uncommon Goods, $55)

Trendy designs go cruelty-free with MooShoes, a vegan shoe store that picks fashion-forward designs, like these lace-up pumps. (MooShoes, $110)