Green Gift Guide: For Him

Sporty and stylish ecofriendly gifts for men.

Shave kit

Caving to peer pressure (all the other green bloggers are doing it) and my love of online shopping, this week I'll feature ideas for green holiday shopping, for different recipients each day. The gifts will be green through and through, but not in a crunchy-granola-treehuggy way, and they won't break your budget. Today: Gifts for him.

Monday: Gifts for friends and coworkers

Tuesday: Gifts for her

Thursday: Gifts for kids

Friday: Gifts for philanthropists

  • A morning shave goes organic with soothing Burt's Bees gels and lotions in this travel grooming kit. (, $20)
    • Someone who goes camping or boating might appreciate a solar radio, when they aren't just enjoying the sounds of nature. (, $50)
    • Any music lover would be happy to dock his iPod in the Vers Audio Station, which features AM/FM radio and alarm, is energy efficient, harvested from sustainable wood, and free of PVC. (Organic Bug, $200)
    • Vintage ties find a new life as slim, preppy wallets. (Prix Prix via, $24)
    • Foldable bikes make carbon-neutral transportation convenient for anyone - and Citizen Bikes is having a huge sale. This six-speed bike is marked down more than 50 percent this week. (Citizen Bikes, $274)
    • A picture frame made out of a recycled LP is sure to be a hit with a music lover. (Uncommon Goods, $22)
    • This soccer ball is both vegan and fair-trade. Check out the lettering on the match-quality ball, which has some advice for any competitors. (Fair Trade Sports, $45)