Green Gift Guide: For Philanthropists

Gifts for those who want to do some green good.

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Caving to peer pressure (all the other green bloggers are doing it) and my love of online shopping, this week I'll feature ideas for green holiday shopping, for different recipients each day. The gifts will be green through and through, but not in a crunchy-granola-treehuggy way, and they won't break your budget. Today: Gifts for philanthropists.

Monday: Gifts for friends and coworkers

Tuesday: Gifts for her

Wednesday: Gifts for him

Thursday: Gifts for kids

Some of the best philanthropic gifts are those that allow the recipient to decide for his or herself where to spend the money - not everyone has the same charitable inclinations as you. Many are available as e-gift cards, so there's no need to waste plastic. Here are a few places to find universal gift cards:

The Good Card, from the Network for Good

Charity Choice Gift Cards

Charity gift cards from TisBest

Charity gift cards from JustGive

Another green philanthropic gift idea is to support conservation efforts in developing or less-advantaged areas. A few options:

Adopt livestock or trees at By Nature
Support third-word environmental efforts through Heifer International

Give wells or water purification through World Vision

Finally, offsets are gaining in popularity as gifts:

Wind power offsets through Renewable Choice Energy

Climate Change Chocolate and offsets from TerraPass

Carbon offsets for home and travel from Carbon Fund

And here's a philanthropic "gift" from Fresh Greens. The first 100 people to click here will be given the gift of carbon neutrality for one day, courtesy of friends at Brighter Planet. Happy holidays!


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