Environmental Research Affected by Bernie Madoff's Alleged Crimes

Grants to some social programs that funded environmental research are being canceled because of Madoff's fraud.

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Daily Kos today declared Bernie Madoff public enemy No. 1 for progressives not only because of his alleged Ponzi Scheme swindling, but also because he will instantly result in a loss of funding for hundreds of progressive organizations - some of which were doing environmental work. Madoff controlled the funds of the JEHT Foundation, a major source of grants for organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the ACLU. According to a statement from President and CEO Robert Crane, the foundation will close its doors next month. Virtually all of its grants will be cancelled.

There were several organizations that were doing environmental work supported by the JEHT, and may be affected. They are:

  • EarthRights International, which documents human rights and environmental abuses worldwide, and holds corporations accountable.
  • Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, which provides ligitation to communities suffering adverse health affects from pollution.
  • The Center for Investigative Reporting, is a source for investigative journalism in the public interest. The center's environmental projects include researchon the United States' declining role in setting environmental standards worldwide and the interests behind our dependence on carbon-based fuels. A 2006 general operating grantsupports the center's work.
  • The Center for International Environmental Law, which had a grant supporting the implementation of a framework for democratizing international environmental disputes.

  • Institute for Social and Environmental Justice Education, which aims to increase the effectiveness of social change groups, and promotes activism.
  • For a full list of grants from the JEHT, click here.

    Corrected 12/17/08: A previous version of this post stated that a JEHT grant covered the Center for Investigative Reporting's environmental research. It is a general operating grant.


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