How to Keep Your Green New Year's Resolutions

A website will help you keep those green resolutions - and will donate money to charity if you don't.

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Green New Year's resolutions (like these ones for the home, the office, and the food you eat - more to come), are like any other resolutions - great on paper, but sometimes hard to keep. One website will lend a hand - Pledgehammer wants to know what your resolutions are, but if you don't keep them, your "penalty" is a charity donation to an organization of your choosing.

Though many of the pledges on the site pertain to weight loss, a few people have gone public with their green resolutions, pledging not to use more than one plastic bag a month, donate something to charity each time they buy something new, recycle plastic bottles, and minimize their water use.

There's no way to check up on you if you haven't fulfilled your New Year's resolution, of course - the site works on the honor system. But if you don't remember to use your reusable bags, for example, you can donate to an organization that preserves rainforests. That way, even if you fail, a green organization succeeds.


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