Green New Year's Resolutions: Fashion

These resolutions will help you minimize your footprint, save money and look good in 2009.


As we spend the next few days thinking of ways to better ourselves in 2009, here are a few green resolutions to add to your list. Many of them will help you with your financial resolutions, as well, since going green can often save you money. Add your own resolutions in the comments below.

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  • Try to minimize the amount of fast-fashion - i.e. cheaply-made, trendy items that aren't meant to last more than a season or two - you purchase. Fast fashion is often made overseas, and uses synthetic fabrics that won't biodegrade.
  • More: Fast Fashion's Effect on the Planet Isn't Pretty

    • Spend your money where it counts - on well made items that will last years. Take good care of your classic items and youy won't have to replace them each season.
    • Buy vintage, or ask relatives for their old clothing. Not only is it cool, but it's well-made, and often comes with a story, or a memory of a family member - like the retro 80s belt handed down from my mother, or the vintage leather Coach purse from my grandmother. Digging through your parents' attic could give you a new accessory wardrobe, without having to buy any new stuff.
    • Check out a green fashion magazine to learn about designers who are working with sustainable materials.
    • Buy jewelry secondhand. eBay-like websites for those who want to cash in on unwanted engagement rings or other pieces of jewelry have seen a lot more business in the recession. You can get a "recycled" designer ring for much less, or cash in on your own unwanted jewelry. 
    • Host a clothing swap for a group of friends who are similar-sized. Everyone brings their unwanted clothing, and others can take whatever they like. Donate whatever is left to charity. it's a cost-saving way to freshen your own wardrobe. 
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