Green New Year's Resolutions: Transportation

Here are a few ways to make your transportation greener in the New Year.


As we spend the next few days thinking of ways to better ourselves in 2009, here are a few green resolutions to add to your list. Many of them will help you with your financial resolutions, as well, since going green can often save you money. Add your own resolutions in the comments below.

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  • Many of the trips we take frequently are less than two miles from our homes. Try walking or biking for these trips instead of driving.
  • If you don't have the space to store a bike, you can join a bike-sharing program. it's like car-sharing: you pay a membership fee, and then swipe a card when you want access to a bike. After a few delays, bike sharing programs are starting up in many cities.
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    • Find out how walkable your neighborhood is with this tool. If it's safe and there are enough amenities nearby, start doing your errands on foot.
    • For your next car purchase, consider a hybrid. You can get tax credits for it, and many other perks in some cities, like being able to use the carpool lane.
    • Get regular tune-ups for your car, which will help you burn less gas, and cause less pollution.
    • Be conscious of how often you fly, and consider taking the train instead. Do some research on providers of carbon offsets, and consider buying enough to offset any air travel. Calculate your carbon footprint here.
    • In the tough economy, vacations may be difficult for some families to afford this year. Instead of traveling to far-flung destinations, try a staycation, and rediscover your own city or a town nearby.
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