MacWorld Sustainability Update: "Take That, Greenpeace."

Apple ups the sustainability ante at MacWorld.

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This summer, Greenpeace chastized Apple for environmentally-unfriendly practices in its quarterly scoring of tech companies' green efforts, ranking the company 11 out of 18. But today's MacWorld Expo keynote prompted one MacWorld blogger to declare, "Take that, Greenpeace."

The environmental report card for the new MacBook Pro is looking pretty great. It has an ultra-green battery that can be recharged up to 1,000 times, and recycled at the end of its use. With a lifespan of five years, fewer batteries will end up in a landfill. The MacBook Pro is arsenic-free, brominated flame retardant-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, highly recyclable, has Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool Gold certification, and on top of it all, packaging is 34 percent smaller.