The Consumer Electronics Show Gets Greener

Environmentally-friendly products reach the CES spotlight.

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This year's Consumer Electronics Show is the greenest it has ever been. So far:

--The "Greener Gadgets Tech Zone" of the Las Vegas convention has grown to 3,000 square feet this year, from 520 square feet last year.

--On the heels of MacWorld's green battery news this week, Toshiba has announced that they have developed a more sustainable, longer-lasting battery.

--A presentation from the Consumer Electronics Association discussed the trend of gadgets going green:

The authors found that 64% of consumers say recyclability is a factor for them in purchasing a PC. However, the authors also found that 40% of consumers say they’re not really sure what makes one computer more green than another. Interestingly, gender slanted 45% to 35% female to male, which the authors attributed to women’s connection with mother Earth, or some such stuff.

[Rolling my eyes. Way to stereotype, CEA.]

--Last year's CES reportedly spent $110,000 on carbon offsets last year. This year's show is spending as much on other green aspects, but is foregoing the carbon offsets - a product of tough economic times.

--LG Electronics is "setting records" with the efficiency of its new flat-screen TVs, which use 50% less power than the average TV.

--Samsung is also jumping on board, with a more efficient TV. They'll need to if they want to be able to sell TVs in California stores in a few years.

--Motorola has launched a carbon neutral cell phone, teaming up with to offset the emissions of manufacturing, distributing and operating the phone.

--Crunch Gear thinks that this year's green elements of the show are a passing fad:

Even if they offset their carbon credits with the good wood elves of Sylvan Glade, this is still a phone and it will still end up in a filthy landfill picked over by the poorest of the poor in rural China. Once everyone figures out that they can sell a few carbon credits to get the “Carbon Neutral” seal of approval on their box, they’ll hop on the bandwagon.