The Recycling Bin: Green Valentine's Day Tips

Green sources for chocolate, roses, gifts and romance.

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Flowers and candy and all that mushy stuff. You know the drill. Here are the best green Valentine's Day tips, compiled from around the web.

  • What's a gift that doesn't involve buying or wasting anything at all? Digital boudoir pictures.
  • If you're mourning heartbreak on Valentine's Day, don't burn your old mementos - it could release toxic gases. It's not quite as cathartic, but it's better to recycle them instead, or throw them away.
  • To be really green, you could just opt out of the day, and it's over-consumption, entirely. Singles: this is a ready-made excuse when nosy people ask you how you're celebrating.
  • If you want to get something for your sweetheart, but don't have the cash to splurge on a gift, here are some DIY ideas.
  • It bears repeating: Diamonds are a girl's best friend. But we like other jewelry too. Here are some places to get eco-friendly baubles.
  • You can find plenty of sources for organic flowers, chocolate and lipstick here.
  • According to this eco-graphic, the paper industry contributes 10 percent of global emissions. Try an e-card instead.
  • Here's an unconventional Valentine's Day date - for $50 admission, the Binder Park Zoo in Michigan will let you watch the animals mate. Um. Romantic?
  • Another unconventional green gift, as recommended by No Impact Man: Guardianship of a chimp.
  • Yeah, pretty much everyone recommends that you take a shower for two.
  • Why yes, it is possible to purchase fair-trade condoms. Vegan condoms, too.
  • Vegan chocolate cake. Whether you're a vegan or not - yum.