How 5 of Your Favorite Clothing Stores are Going Green

These 5 stores' green efforts can be found at almost any local mall.

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Today's TreeHugger list of 5 Surprising Fashion Brands Going Organic tries to ameliorate two activities that are not so good for the environment - shopping in a mall and fast fashion. We learned last week that shopping in a mall uses way more energy than purchasing from the comfort of your home computer. Fast fashion, too, promotes a cycle of cheaply- and unsustainably-made disposable clothing. These five brands in your local mall are taking some environmental steps that can make you feel better about heading to the mall for the latest trendy tee.

  1. Victoria's Secret has introduced a more sustainable plan for printing its catalogues. It also offers an organic line of body products, as well as sleepwear and underwear made from organic fabric.
  2. Target is praised by TreeHugger for a medly of organic products from baby clothes to bedsheets. Check out their women's sleepwear in organic cotton.
  3. H&M, the king of fast fashion, used 1,500 tons of organic fabric for its spring line, and plans to increase that number by 50 percent.
  4. Banana Republic uses recycled material for its packaging, and has an energy-saving plan for its retail locations. The chain has a line of casual wear made from 100 percent organic cotton.
  5. Nike, in addition to offering organic clothing, also has a shoe-recycling program, where scraps of old rubber are turned into playground turf. The company has a plan to trim waste from production and switch to more sustainable materials.