What to Do for Earth Hour After the Lights Go Down

Here are some eco-friendly activities for the participants of Earth Hour to observe an evening in the dark.

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I wrote yesterday about Earth Hour, the symbolic voluntary dimming of lights in 2,800 cities across the world in support of increased leadership in climate change. But what are participants expected to do for the one hour without light on a Saturday night? Here are a few ideas that event organizers have suggested for the 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. darkness:

  1. Prepare a candlelit dinner (but not with too many candles - as EcoGeek points out, you'll break even).
  2. Go stargazing. If you live in an area with great Earth Hour participation, or little light pollution, hopefully you'll get a clear night and a great view.
  3. If you want to go out for Earth Hour, some bars are preparing specialty candlelit cocktails. Two hotel chains that are participating are Fairmont and Starwood - their restaurants and bars will have environmentally-themed drinks.
  4. Find an Earth Hour celebration in your city, using the World Wildlife Fund's map. Here are a few other suggestions from Daily Green.
  5. Make a bonfire. Toast some s'mores.
  6. Have a romantic evening with a loved one.
  7. Use a tea light to stir up some cheese or chocolate fondue.
  8. Teach your kids how to play flashlight tag.
  9. Take your dog for a walk in the dark (don't worry, none of the cities that are participating will be turning off safety lighting).
  10. Play, or listen to some music - unplugged. If you live in Toronto, singer Nelly Furtado will be performing a free acoustic concert.