Best of the Green April Fool's Day Pranks

These four green sites have a pretty good sense of humor.

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Internet pratfalls abound today, and green websites are getting in on the fun. Here are four green April Fool's pranks that are floating around the web, which I've ranked according to realism and humor on a scale of one to 10. Who do you think had the best prank?

Al Gore's Vegan Nubs - Ecorazzi put forth a story about our guru of green launching a new line of 100 percent organic vegan frozen foods. Products include “Al Gore’s Vegan Nubs,” “Al Gore’s Vegan Pizza Rolls,” “Al Gore’s Soy Poppers” and “Al Gore’s Vegan Buffalo Fingers.” A mock-up of future packaging features the Nobel Prize winner's face below some not-so-tasty-looking nuggets.

  • Realism: 2. He'd put his name on a brand of wind turbines first.
  • Humor: 7, if only for the packaging.

Oil Company Testimony - Act Green produced a story about oil executives giving testimony on the Hill about how they are sorry for everything they've done to our planet:

Peter Robertson, the Vice Chairman of Chevron, began his testimony with an apology to the people of the world on behalf of the Big Oil companies for standing in the way of vital global warming legislation. He promised that the $123 billion profits of these five companies in 2007 would be directly invested into research and implementation of clean, renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar, and geothermal. Tears streaming down his face, Robertson stated “I only hope my grandchildren can forgive me.”

  • Realism: -13746587
  • Humor: 2. Yikes, this is an April Fool's joke that isn't meant to be laughed at. It ends with this quote from an oil exec: "Today, April 1, is the last time we play the American people for fools.”

Super Eco-Friendly Business Cards - Moo, a printing company that already makes recycled paper products, is selling a kit for "super eco-friendly business cards," which is actually just a craft kit for you to paint over and reuse other people's cards.

Yes, it takes just 4 simple steps and only 25 minutes to create a SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card.
That’s just 1250 minutes to make a complete pack of 50. (Or just over 20 hours for those who like their time the old fashioned way!)

  • Realism: 8. There are people who probably already do this.
  • Humor: 7. The step-by-step instructions are worth a chuckle.

WINNER: Arugula Compost Surprise and Organic Air at Whole Foods - The natural foods grocer has re-designed its entire website with ridiculous products, each one better than the next. Organic air is $6.99 and comes in four varieties. Recipes include grackle tetrazzini, chianti-gorgonzola popsicles, and toast. A new store has opened up in Antarctica.

  • Realism: 10. Nine out of 10 Whole Foods customers, wouldn't even blink if they saw a batch of "Spring Beans with Winter Kale and Autumn Rice."
  • Humor: 10. They know their customers, and they're self-deprecating: every purchase of organic bananas comes with a spider (a joke that's not so funny for this guy).


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