How to Host a Sustainable Passover

Local vegetables, organic Kosher wine and matzah, and more.

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Passover begins at sundown today, and The Jew and the Carrot blog calls it "The Jewish tradition’s 'eat seasonal' poster child." The blog lists dozens of ways to green your passover celebration. Here are a few culled from around the web:

  • Eliminate Chametz with a green cleaning solution, like Seventh Generation or Arm & Hammer Essentials.
  • Use local, organic food on your Seder plate. Grate fresh horseradish root, look for free-range eggs and fair-trade pecans, and purchase apples that were grown near you.
  • Purchase organic matzah. Says Beliefnet: "If matzah is what we're offering God in gratitutde for our freedom, then choosing matzah made with organic wheat is a gesture of respect -- we are doing our part to protect the earth we were freed to inhabit."
  •  The Jew and the Carrot has several menu suggestions for a vegetarian seder. Among them: "Almond quinoa salad (quinoa is Kosher for Pesach!), matza lasagna, vegetarian matzah ball soup, roasted new potatoes with rosemary, Israeli salad, borscht, garlic sautéed fiddleheads."
  • Find four suggestions for Kosher organic wine here.
  • Eliminate disposable dishes.
  • This humorous video on Treehugger presents 20 ways to recycle leftover matzah after Passover.