Miss U.S.A. Dons Green Crown This Year

The crown was made with synthetic, cruelty-free gemstones.


All of the headlines from last night's Miss U.S.A. pageant focused on Miss California Carrie Prejean's gay marriage gaffe, which has managed to overshadow the actual victory of Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton. But here's a new addition to the pageant - as part of NBC's green week, the Miss U.S.A. crown that sits atop Dalton's hairsprayed pageant mane has gone green:

A southern Wisconsin company will create a custom-designed crown for Miss U.S.A.

Franklin-Wis.-based Diamond Nexus Labs is an online jewelry company known for its lab-created precious gemstones. The gemstones are all synthesized using environmentally friendly processes. There are no toxic byproducts or pollutants.

Interested in purchasing your own green gems? Check out Brilliant Earth.


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