For Mother's Day: Advice from Green Moms

Green tips from eco-friendly mom bloggers.

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Green moms take care of their kids and the planet. In honor of Mother's Day, here are some tidbits from eco-friendly mom bloggers around the country:

Enviromom, on recycling and arts & crafts: "We have a basket of recyclable items in our playroom that the kids refer to as the reuse bin full of egg cartons, empty food boxes, cardboard toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, etc. The reuse bin is constantly in use because that stuff can become whatever the kids dream of." Parent Hacks, on recycling old baby furniture: "What do you do with a broken crib? Well, we cut the legs off and used some hinges to connect the sides and voila, a baby gate for an awkward area so much cheaper than the commercial versions...What did we do with the other side rail? It's currently outside and will be a trellis for climbing flowers this summer."

Hip Organic Mama, on getting kids to love veggies: "Kids will often be more apt to try something that they chose. Have them shop for something in your refrigerator or with you online or in the grocery store or farmer's market. Have them help prepare it with you. 'I did it!' can help instill a sense of pride in their food; with rave reviews on their cooking, they may willingly give it go."

Greenopia on cloth versus plastic diapers: "First, it turns out we can dispose of the guilt. Cloth diapers may not add to landfills, but they drain environmental resources by sucking up water and energy in the laundering process. If the diapering dilemma, then, is really a matter of choosing between two imperfect solutions, some companies are making it easier to do so. Seventh Generation sells a non-toxic, chlorine-free diaper. And gDiapers makes one you can flush, compost or toss in the trash, depending on what works best for you at the moment."

The Green Parent, on green cleaning: "Harmful chemicals can be found in household cleaners that are used on the surfaces of your home.  Whether it’s countertops, tabletops, toys, windows or doors, little hands that love exploring are sure to come in contact with countless such surfaces on a daily basis.  These chemicals can cause teary eyes, burning nasal tissues, an itchy throat, a headache, or even dizziness. Create your own non-toxic cleaner by using basic ingredients such as baking soda, lemon juice, liquid castile (or vegetable-based) soap, vinegar, and salt. Eliminating conventional cleaners can save you money awhile also helping kids with asthma and allergies to feel healthier."


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