9 Green Things You Can Do on 9/9/09

The special date can inspire some green acts.

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It's a good day to get married. Or play the lottery. Or boycott the prevalence of adorable cats on the internet. But whether or not you're a numerologist, today's unusual date can be the inspiration for some green acts. Here are 9 green things you can do today, compiled from across the web.

1. Recycle your old sneakers. Running shoes are among dozens of items that aren't obvious fare for recycling, but that doesn't mean they should head to the landfill. The Daily Green lists them here.

2. Start a community garden. If your neighborhood doesn't already have one, it may seem like a daunting task—especially for a city-dweller. But the Nation makes it easier, with a step-by-step guide to getting fresh produce from your block by next year.

3. If you aren't already paying your bills online, what are you waiting for? You'll save paper, money on postage, and your transactions will be secure. While you're de-papering your life, take it a step further and get off of the various junk mail and catalogue lists that deluge you with useless paper each day. The average household recieves more than 800 pieces of junk mail a year. The Do Not Mail Registry is one of several organizations that will stop the flow of paper junk.

4. Pack your lunch in a totally reusable way—use a Bento. The focus of a New York Times feature today, bento boxes are waste-free—each component of the box is washable and reusable. Not to mention, the rice, veggies and fruits that most people choose to put inside are healthier than your average school lunch or packaged meal. They're fun for kids, too. Get one at Laptop Lunches.

5. Check out some new appliances. If your home is in need of an upgrade from old, energy-inefficient appliances, you're in luck. This fall, there will be incentives, 'Cash for Clunkers' style, to give up your energy-hogging refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers or other major appliances for an Energy Star rated one. Start your window shopping now. Learn more about the program here.

6. Canning is cool again. Preserve all of those farmer's market fruits and veggies for the winter by canning them, the old fashioned way. If that seems too daunting, the recipes for pickles and refrigerator jams are easier for a novice. Homemade preserves can make good housewarming gifts for the holidays.

7. The days are getting cooler, which means it's time to cut the AC. A study from the Society of Automotive Engineers found that cars were more efficient with their windows down, instead of air conditioning, at speeds of less than 65 MPH. So, when you're driving around, enjoy the cool fall breeze.

8. Consider the Van Jones affair of this past weekend. Bloggers are still trying to digest it. Some are out for more blood. Others, like Arianna Huffington, think that his resignation is a blessing in disguise. Either way, today seems to be a day for mulling over Jones' storied environmental and political legacy, and speculating about his next step.

9. Finally, it's ok to ooh and aah about today's new iPod announcement. Just remember that if you upgrade your old iPod for a new one, don't throw your outdated gadget away recycle it.


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