Say 'Yes' to the SurvivaBall

Culture-jamming pranksters the Yes Men tout their solution to climate change.

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When the planet heats up, it will be time to slip into something more comfortable—like the SurvivaBall. A self-heating, self-cooling and self-powered pod, the SurvivaBall is designed by top scientists to weather all of the effects of climate change to keep its user alive through catastrophe. Even though it makes its occupant resemble a giant tick, it's also luxurious—"Like a gated community for one," claims the SurvivaBall's site.  And only for the low price of $100 million! The folks at Halliburton love them.

But even if the cost wasn't prohibitive, you won't be seeing the SurvivaBall for sale any time soon. That's because the global warming protection device is just a twinkle in the eyes of the culture-jamming pranksters the Yes Men. An environmental and corporate ethics activism group, the Yes Men have had an active week. First, they distributed a million spoof copies of the New York Post with a climate-themed bent in time for the U.N. meeting—and even though the paper was fake, the group insists that all of the details within are fact-checked and accurate. Then, when Yes Men were demonstrating a model of the SurvivaBall in New York, leader Andy Bichlbaum was arrested for an old parking ticket charge when police were giving summons to other demonstrators for disorderly conduct.

Check out a video below. There's more at SurvivaBall's YouTube Channel—the device's defensive capabilities are particularly impressive.

What do you think: Do the Yes Men's pranks bring attention to the cause? Or is it the wrong kind of attention?


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