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This job applicant showed how working for her sorority helped her gain critical skills.

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By now, you know the importance of tailoring your resume for an employer. But how exactly should you go about it?

Through this new series, Cover Letters That Worked, we're introducing real cover letters used by real job seekers to successfully land jobs. Up this week is Allison Lackey, 24, who landed her job with career consulting company JobBound about a year ago.

In Lackey's first job out of college, she worked as field consultant for her sorority, racking up solid experience in recruitment and philanthropy, and even starting a new sorority chapter. But when the time came for her to look for a new job, she found that sorority work was a hard sell to potential employers.

"I had a lot of incorrect stereotypes working against me," says Lackey, who lives in Chicago. "People just don't take [working for a sorority] seriously."

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She saw opportunity in her cover letter, the chance to show how her sorority work made her a smart hire. "I tried to pull out the most relevant aspects of what I had done in that year as a consultant and apply them to the position that was available," she says. Perhaps just as importantly, Lackey's first sentence is unique and intriguing, providing any hiring manager with good reason to keep reading. Her letter is clear and concise, yet bursting with personality.

The result? Lackey earned a spot on JobBound's team as communications manager.

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Here's the letter that helped Lackey earn that spot:

February 2010

[Name removed]
Director of Operations JobBound/JB Training Solutions
[Address removed]
Chicago, IL Dear [Name removed]:

10,000 miles, 58 flights, 196 cups of coffee, 25 universities, 633 meetings, 53 written reports, two countries, six months. No, this is not the streamlined synopsis of the recent blockbuster hit "Up In the Air." It is, however, a glimpse into the past six months of my life as a Field Consultant for Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) sorority.

Working for this organization has allowed me to take on a myriad of different roles every day, if not every hour. I am the public relations strategist by morning, the treasurer analyzing budgets over lunch and the recruiting director by evening. Currently, I am embracing the new challenge of establishing a brand new chapter at Creighton University.

While my experiences are eclectic—they all boil down to one task: helping others to succeed. This is largely why I am interested in the opportunities that exist at JobBound/JB Training Solutions. I am passionate about working on a small, dynamic and forward thinking team to find creative ways to target new publics to help people succeed in the working world.

I know that working for a growing company will bring challenges. I am confident that my past experiences in career services and public relations coupled with my intrepid work ethic would allow me to be an asset to your team.

I would love the opportunity to talk in more detail about positions that exist at JobBound/JB Training Solutions and to tell you more about the progression of the colonization process at Creighton. I will plan on contacting you in a week regarding this unique opportunity.


Allison Lackey

[Phone number removed]

[E-mail address removed]
Twitter: @AllisonLackey


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