Alfred Dunhill Offers Pave Black Diamond USB Key

For the chicest of tech geeks.

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Pave Black Diamond USB port

The Dunhill brand has sunk its teeth into the 21st century by delivering the Pave Black Diamond USB port, a far cry from when Alfred Dunhill took over his father's saddlery business in 1893. The company has grown over time: Today, the brand Dunhill is synonymous with luxury men's goods, from timepieces and lighters to leather goods, fragrances, and clothing.

Dunhill's latest offering has made No. 2 on the company's Top 20 Gifts list, right behind a black leather business luggage brushed in gunmetal hardware but before the carbon fiber and titanium skis and stainless steel with 18-karat rose gold and diamonds mechanical belt.

The Pave Black Diamond USB port, which retails for $6,665, is an exquisite gift for the most ostentatious of tech lovers. The USB drive boasts an impressive 8GB of storage. And although the base is made of oxidized sterling silver and discretely branded with the Alfred Dunhill name, what truly makes this stand out from the pack is the 272 black diamond embellishment.

I'll be thinking of this the next time I use a puny flash drive for a presentation.