Flying High With Flexjet Expert Guide Jet Card

Avoid air rage, hop on a private jet, and gain one-on-one access to world-renowned experts.

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Flexjet 25 Expert Guide Edition
I just got back from a weekend trip to Florida, and although the air travel left me largely unscathed, I'm still dumbfounded by the extra fees for checking my luggage and in-flight beverages, the soiled napkin left in my seat pocket, and the uncomfortably cramped seats with barely any legroom. (Tight for me, but worse for the 6-foot-2 man to my right, knees crunched into his seat pocket, cursing his job for playing a "cruel joke" on him.)

If you have the means to upgrade—and I don't mean a mere bump to first class—a private jet may be your cup of tea. Better yet, take advantage of Bombardier Flexjet—which offers a turnkey program that allows individuals or companies to purchase a share in a Bombardier business jet at a fraction of the full ownership cost but with a twist.

The company is offering the Flexjet 25 Expert Guide Edition Jet Card, which starts at $107,900 and is available only until Dec. 15, 2008. You can travel on a private jet of your choice, but you also have access to world-renowned experts for private, one-on-one experiences that tap into a variety of lifestyle categories. The packages range from a guide into the intricacies of the art world with Barbara Guggenheim and uncovering poker tricks from World Series of Poker player Antonio Esfandiari to learning the perfect cast with fly fisherman Mike Lawson. I would love to take advantage of the "Epicurean Masters" package, which includes a VIP invite to the Second Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine event, cooking demonstrations, and a private cocktail party with a celebrity chef. The jet card also lets travelers create their own unique experience, whether it means teeing off with a PGA tour finalist or taking a private lesson with a legendary tennis pro. Sounds like a far cry from coach.

Tell me: What would your ideal air travel be like?