Kathleen Fuld: Shopping in Secret

Wife of Lehman Brother's CEO Dick Fuld opts for a plain white shopping bag.

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How does Kathleen Fuld, wife of former Lehman Brother's CEO Richard Fuld—who has been widely criticized for pushing Lehman Brothers into bankruptcy and creating a global financial panic—go about her holiday shopping? With discretion, says The Daily Beast.

"Last week, Kathleen Fuld stopped by the Hermès boutique on Manhattan's Madison Avenue to buy some holiday gifts. As she paid for her purchases, she vetoed the store's signature orange bag and asked for a plain white one instead.

It's become a common request, a Hermès employee told The Daily Beast. Sales associates at this temple of good taste have gotten used to passing out plain white shopping bags to clients eager to hide their $10,000 Birkin habits in the current economic environment."

The Daily Beast reports that Mrs. Fuld has been a regular client since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. She visited the boutique once a week and spent $5,000 or $10,000 each time.