MTV's "True Life" Opens Its Eyes to the Recession

Popular television show solicits riches-to-rags stories.


MTV has never been shy about endorsing the luxe life. The Hills, The City, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Daddy's Girls, and Cribs are just a handful of shows pandering to the young and affluent. The cable television network, known more for its reality shows than playing music videos, seems to have finally opened its eyes to the deepening global recession. It's actually happening!

The 405 Club, a site for New Yorkers collecting unemployment benefits, received a request from one of the producers of MTV's True Life which produces hourlong documentaries on tough topics like steroid use and anorexia—to spread the word about a show potentially called I Can't Afford My Lifestyle.

Here's the casting call, courtesy of The 405 Club:

"Were you living large but hit hard by the current economic situation? Did you have a pimped out crib and now have to downsize? Has your new financial status affected your relationships because you can no longer play with the high rollers? Are you dating someone who had it all, but find yourself disappointed to have to swap five course entrees for five dollar foot longs? Do you feel that you can't possibly give up the life you worked for, but are left with no other choice? If you have answered 'yes' to any of these, then MTV would like to hear your story. If you appear to be between the ages of 17-28 and can't afford your lifestyle and would like to share your story please email us DIRECTLY at Please include your name, your story, a phone number and a photo."